Tuesday, August 5, 2008

While there's tea, there's hope~Sir Arthur Pinero

Glorious Lavender
Apple Green Teapot
Adorable Robin
Accessories in the shop

Happy Teasday! For those of you who may be new here, each week on Tuesday (Teasday) we have a trivia question as well as interesting tea facts for you. We have a weekly tea give-away randomly chosen from our commenters. All you need to do to enter each week is click the comment section under the post and chose anonymous. Then, after you comment or answer the trivia question, just leave your first name and last initial. You will be contacted via email and be listed on the blog if you are the winner for the week. Speaking of that, our winner this week is my new friend, Hanri, from Oxfordshire, England. Thank you for telling us about your relaxing tea time with your sweet dog. I'm sending you French Creme' Brulee. Enjoy!

In the book, "Everything I know I learned over tea" by Emilie Barnes, there is a great chapter about how resilient teacups are. Ceramic is, of course, breakable, but it is also very resilient. Much of what we know about ancient civilizations we have learned from bits of pottery they left behind. China dishes recovered from shipwrecks are often good as new, long after the ship itself has dissolved in the saltwater! What can this teach us? No matter how fragile we may look on the outside, our strength comes from within. "My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth". Even when times are hard, you can have the strength you need to press on. If you break a favorite teacup, what do you do? You pick up the shattered pieces, buy a new one and make tea again. I would like to encourage you to share a cup of tea with a friend this week. You might be helping a friend by being just what she needs at the moment. If nothing else, time over tea is always special between friends. My neighbor and friend, Nancy dropped in on me today with the most delicious plate of cookies. I happened to have a pot of tea just made and invited her to have a cup with me. Was my house perfectly cleaned? No, but I enjoyed my time with my friend and that's what's more important.

Here's next week's trivia question:

Where do you leave your napkin when you excuse yourself to the restroom at a tea party or dinner?

a. beside your plate

b. on your chair

c. ask the waiter/waitress to take it

Don't forget that we are on week 3 of Pride and Prejudice in the book club. We are reading chapters 5 and 6 before Friday.

I've added some beautiful pictures of the shop for you to enjoy. Don't you love the apple green teapot? I'll be adding in some more wonderful items to our esty shop this week, so stop by and take a peek.

Wishing you joy,



Anonymous said...

I think the answer is (B) on your chair.

S. Humphries

Anonymous said...

Hello Elaine!! I found you! This is Gabrielle, I was the lovely person who sent you to branson today. :) as far as the trivia question goes, the answer is B. on your chair (you only put it on or by your plate if you are finished) but I hope that all is going very well with yourself and Mr. Broom. let me know if you have any questions. Take care!
Gabrielle Poole

Karen said...

Hi Lori, I so enjoy all of your pictures. I bought the apple green tea pot and use it all the time. I plan on buying more so everyone can have their own pot of tea. I think the answer is B because laying the napkin beside the plate would indicate that you are finished. :)

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Hi Lori... How fun, I love trivia questions! I think the answer is a. I always thought it was to leave it on the left side of your plate...
Amy :-)