Friday, June 20, 2008

100 years of tea bags

100 years of tea bags



Elaine let me know that it is the 100 year anniversary of the tea bag! It happened quite by accident that they even came to be. Thomas Sullivan invented the tea bags by trying to cut costs and provide sample teas to his clients. He used silk sachets. His customers missunderstood and didn't realize they were meant to cut the bags open. They put the whole sachet in the pot and it became an instant success. Not everyone was happy about this new way of brewing tea. Many English were used to brewing tea leaves the old fashioned way and weren't about to change. Many credit the tea bag with saving the industry though. They feel that in today's busy pace, brewing tea the old fashioned way just wasn't possible. My opinion is that I love the ritual of brewing tea the old way. I guess I agree with some of the die hard English that it takes away from the tea itself to prepare it incorrectly. I'm just glad that some traditions do not die and are handed down to each generation. It's nice though that you can brew your tea in either method you prefer thanks to Mr.Sullivan.


Becky said...

I, also, enjoy brewing tea the old fashion way.

Every morning I start by putting hot water in my 2-cup tea pot, put the tea kettle on and then set the table with my fruit cup, tea cup & saucer, dessert plate, my little gold tea size spoon, fork & knife. I heat up one of my scones from the freezer and fix myself an egg, ham & cheese sandwich.

After pouring the boiling water over the tea leaves, I go grab my devotion books and Bible & get ready to spend the next hour having brunch and spending time in Bible study. It is the best way to start my day!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that loose tea does have a differant flavor. Much better!!!