Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Teasday!

A field of tea in Sri Lanka
~Tea leaves and bud~
Here we are again on teasday and we have a winner! Congratulations Pat! You won this week's give-away by random number (not picked by myself). I was so impressed that everyone knew the answer! It was, of course, the bergamot oil (an oil from the rind of the fruit of Citrus Bergamia.) Thank you for playing! Pat, send me your address and I'll send out your sample tea to you. You are getting French Creme Brulee!

Here is next week's trivia question:

What is the name of the ruler that is attributed to the discovery of tea around 2737 B.C?

I just love learning about tea. The story of how it began is very interesting. I just wonder if it really happened that way. We will never know. Supposedly, ________ was walking in his garden sipping hot, boiled water when a leaf from a nearby tea bush fell in his cup. He tasted and smelled the infusion and decided it was a great improvement over plain hot water. Thus, tea drinking began. Until the end of the sixth century, tea continued to be drunk primarily as a remedy for illnesses.

Did you know that herbal teas are not teas at all but combinations of herbs, roots, and/or bark that is infused in hot water in a manner similar to that of tea? Interesting!

Put on the tea kettle, find your favorite book or magazine and take 15 minutes for yourself today. Your soul will be recharged and better able to tackle whatever task you have at hand.

Until next time.....

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to PAT!!! @-}---

Now for this week's question... I admit to cheating! Tough question. You can edit this response or disqualify me, if you must. It's all good! LOL

Shen Nung???