Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exciting Teasday News!

Blue willow song bracelet

I bought a new teacup today at the Green Apple antique store in Crestview. I love it! I thought I'd share it with you as my show-n-tell item for today.

Flavor I had today-so delicious!

This is a very exciting week for me because I am officially in my first magazine! As many of you know, I am actually a jewelry designer who is obsessed with tea. My jewelry blog is listed on the left, Ellenay Designs. I made some tea themed jewelry for an online shop friend awhile ago and it was chosen for the December Romantic Homes magazine hitting stands this week! I'm thrilled! For those of you who subscribe, it's on page 27. It's called "Blue willow song." They showed only the reverse side and not the blue willow teapots and cups on the other side. Either way, it's there! You can go to my blog here to see the picture that will be in the article.

If you live locally (Crestview, Florida) you can purchase these pieces in the tearoom at The Ivy Leaf very soon! Ask Elaine or Robin if you would like to pre-order them now.

On to Teasday! We have a winner.. it is Karen! Thanks so much for playing. We've missed you. So sorry you haven't been feeling well. A brown betty is the traditional brown teapot from clay native to England which has particularly good warming capabilities, usually glazed on the outside and unglazed inside, although modern ones are glazed on the inside as well. Look for the A mark on the bottom of the pot.

For next week's trivia question: What is a Yixing Teapot and why is it special?

Have a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

Yixing Teapots are hand made from purple clay and some of them are works of art.

The first one was created during the 10th century by a monk.

I am lucky enough to have received one as a gift from my sister.

Becky Carroll