Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teasday Morning

I was so wrapped up with the election last night that I forgot Teasday! I apologize.
I wanted to let you know that my jewelry will be at the St.Simon's Episcopal Church craft show in Ft.Walton Beach, Fl. this Friday and Sat. from 9-5 on Fri. and 9-3 on Sat. We will have on display a beautiful article about the Ivy Leaf Tea Parlour as well as my custom tea themed jewelry that you will be able to purchase at the Ivy Leaf also. If you do come to the show, and you mention this blog or the Ivy Leaf, you will get 10% off your entire purchase! You can also pre-order custom tea themed jewelry. If you missed the last post, my tea themed bracelet was featured in this month's Romantic Homes magazine! (It's on page 27.)
I was at the Ivy Leaf yesterday and was so amazed at all the beautiful Christmas decorations! It's gorgeous!! You have to stop by and take a look if you get the chance. I will be blogging about it next week since I forgot my camera yesterday. I will show it all to you then. Especially for those of you who are too far to visit in person, I know you will be inspired. It put me in the Christmas spirit already!
We have a little announcement about our etsy shop. We do not technically fit the requirements of etsy because it is for handmade items. Unfortunately, we will have to remove it. We will however, be finding out how we can best offer our delicious teas and tea themed products to you from this blog. I know several of you have wanted to purchase teas from here, and we can still do that. Just know that within a week or so, we will have to remove most items the way they are now from the etsy shop.
Our Teasday trivia was answered so well by Becky!! Thank you! You are our Teasday winner! You are a lucky girl to have a Vixing teapot! Please email me your address and I will get your free sample tea to you. On that note, some of you that have won in the past have not gotten your addresses to me. If you know you were a winner and never received your tea, please email me at: I will get it right out to you! Thanks!
For next week's trivia question: What is a Zhong?

I wish for you all a wonderfully blessed week.


LaundryBasketCase said...

Hi Lori,
I can imagine with the elections it must have been a busy time, and lots of things have come to a standstill there. I can't wait to see the Christmas decorations! I'm slowly starting to feel Christmassy now. A zhong? I have no idea... but I'll have to Google it to find out.

Becky said...

Well lets try this again, I just tried to answer this & I guess I lost it.

I don't know what a plain Zhong is, but a Cha Zhong is a 3-piece set (also called a Gaiwan).

I can't wait to find out what your Zhong is and I like learning something new!!