Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Social Graces

It seems like forever ago that manners were always taught and expected. Children would be corrected by any adult within earshot of a child not saying "yes ma'am" or "thank you". Now it almost seems like a lost art. Movies, television and even society in general have changed the order of things from what it should be into something altogether different. Children say what they please to adults showing no respect and especially very little manners. I am no authority on the subject and struggle to teach my children every day. The sad part is that it is not expected of them by the public in general. Even adults do not seem to live a life of gentility like the generations before us. There was a certain air of respect for each other even among strangers. If you watch period dramas (my favorite) you will notice a stark contrast in the attitudes of the way they behaved toward each other. Men respected women and showed kindness. They were on the whole, gentleman. I do not believe women should be demeaned by men, but I think we lost more than we bargained for by gaining more independence. Men do not treat women the same a lot of times out of fear that they will be ridiculed for treated them as weak and neady. On the subway in New York, I saw a pregnant woman standing while men were seated right beside her. A woman actually stood and gave up her seat. How sad. The point is, we are losing our social graces and the only way to get it back is to start teaching it again. It is such a gift to pass on to the next generation. I highly recommend the book, "Social Graces". (You can find it in our etsy store or at the Ivy Leaf.) It really helps teach the art of manners and how important treating others as you would want to be treated.
On to teasday! Yesterday I was late in posting. I apologize. The winner is Christine. Thank you! I'll send your tea to you. Enjoy!
Here's our next trivia question:

What is it called when a tea is scheduled for longer than an hour?

Ivy leaf news~ coming soon to the esty shop is tea cozies! They are gorgeous! We have black cameo toille, blue/yellow and red/cream. Look for them soon.

Have a wonderful week everyone,


Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

What a lovely and true post, you have certainly inspired me to read the book you mentioned... I am always trying to teach my kids that we were put on earth to show God's love, to be a blessing, helpful and supportive. And show respect to our elders... and especially for my show respect to girls. Something that is lacking in todays society.
I love this blog and will be back more often!
warmest blessings,

Becky said...

I would say that if tea is scheduled for longer than an hour it is a TEA PARTY!

I have had many lovely Tea Parties at the Ivy Leaf Tea Room and look forward to many more!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Me! Thanks a bunch!!!
Longer than an hour... HEAVEN!

Karen said...

I would have to say High Tea and I am sad at the lack of social graces because I am old fashion in that respect.