Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teasday Musings...

My thoughts for this Teasday are to inspire you to make memories with your china. I read that Erma Bombeck said one time that she wouldn't own anything if it wasn't going to be used. I had a habit of hording items that I was scared of breaking or chipping etc., but after I read that years ago it honestly changed my life. What's the point of having beautiful china if nobody ever has a memory of it other than seeing it behind glass in a china cabinet? I would rather have a chipped china plate with the memory of family dinners than a perfect one that was never loved. My everyday china is some I got at an estate sale that is over 85 years old. It has crazing and maybe a chip or two, but I love the history behind them. You can tell they had been loved before. I also have one pink willow plate. Every night at dinner my daughter wants to make sure she is getting the pink one. I know when she is older, she will remember her special plate. She was with me when I bought it. My mom and I have a special routine of making a pot of tea every Sunday afternoon. We use her expensive china out of her china cabinet. Ever since we started doing that, I look at that china so differently now. I used to just admire it as simply china. Now, I see special times laughing and talking with my mom. Yes, you may break something, but keep in mind it's only things. You can't replace people or the memories you share together. You can always replace china.
I hope I've inspired you to open that china cabinet and start making memories that will be sure to be handed down. The memories you make will be far more important than the value of the china.

Here's this week's Teasday trivia question:
What happens when you overboil your water in the tea kettle?

Last week's answer was "fine" or "course." High quality teas are always harvested with fine plucking. The winner is Peggy! Thank you for commenting. You will be getting a sample of one of our delicious teas!
Have a beautiful week everyone. Take the time to make a special memory and then share it with us. We'd love to hear about it.

Wishing you joy~


Anonymous said...

I have no idea but the answer to this weeks question is, but can't wait to hear!

I loved reading your comments and do so enjoy the delicious teas you can buy from The Ivy Leaf. I WILL enjoy my china and not hoard it anymore. Thanks for the memory/making thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure but it seems like I may have heard that if you over boil the water in the tea kettle it can cause the tea to become bitter.

Jillian A.

Karen said...

Lori, I have recently come to the decision to use my "good" dishes and china. Your article just reiforced what I was thinking. I have some beautiful china that I never have used and of course it would be next to impossible to replace. My goal is to concentrate on living well and making the most of my time with family and friends. Thank you so much for your beautiful articles and insights.

I think the overboiled water would result in bitter tea. The tea should just come to a rolling boil.

Karen :)

Anonymous said...

You can over boil water??? WOW! I learned something new!

Got the tea, my Lady! Thanks a bunch!!! I'm anxious to try the peach! You already know what I think abou the French Brulee! My daughter jumped up and down when she saw the tins!!! ;-)