Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's been oolong time....

Ok. It's a lame pun, but I couldn't resist adding it! The correct answer to last week's trivia question was Oolong tea. Good job, Michele! You won this week's trivia question and will be getting a free sample of loose tea. Thanks for playing! This coming weekend, we will be leaving for vacation. Next Tuesday, I'll be riding the crazy teacups at Disney with my daughter and family. I'll take lots of pictures to show you when I get back. I'll also have my laptop with me, so I will still do the trivia question. Here it is:
What is Lapsang Souchong?
Feel free to google it if you'd like. The whole point of the tea trivia is to expand our tea knowledge.

Look how gorgeous this tea is!

I am so excited about the new apron designs. They just arrived and are gorgeous!! I know you will love them. Look for them very soon! hint: (you might even get one on sale this Friday.) They are custom made just for The Ivy Leaf and feature a pocket in front, ruffles on the bottom and ties at the neck and waist. They are made of high quality, durable cotton.

Off I go to get things in order for leaving. I hope to have several tea adventures to share with you when I get back. Don't expect anything serious though, as I expect we may have tea with a large rabbit in a big white hat with an oversized pocket watch. You just never know...

Don't be late for tea!

Warm wishes~


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Karen said...

Hey Lori, I hope you and your family have a great vacation! I just love the aprons and can't wait to get one. I don't know the answer to the question but can't wait to find out. Best of times, Karen