Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I feel it in the air-Christmas is coming...

Christmas is already here at the Ivy Leaf Tea Parlor! It is so beautiful. I love this time of year. It absolutely brings out the child in all of us, doesn't it? What could be better than a plate of cookies by the fire, looking at a beautifully decorated home sipping your favorite spice tea. Just thinking about it makes me excited and looking forward to doing just that. I am so excited to decorate this year that I may break with our family tradition of putting the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and do it earlier. Every year I try to think up something sentimental to do for gifts. I have a lot of books so I could browse those for ideas. Anybody do something special like that they'd like to share? My sister blew us all away one year by having quilt tops our grandmother never finished made into quilts for all of us. She did them herself and included a photo of our grandmother on a beautiful tag included with it. I love things like that.
Our Teasday question last week was about a Zhong. The answer is: It is used to denote a covered cup, this word has now come to mean a mug, with or without saucer, with a lid.

For next week's trivia question: Besides caffeine, there are two other principal chemical ingredients in tea. What are they?

The winner of last week's trivia by random drawing is Hanri from Laundry basket case! Thanks so much for playing!
I can't wait to try all the Christmas teas and spice teas for the holidays. I will give you my top picks in the next couple of weeks.
Have a wonderful week!


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Counting Your Blessings said...

Just popping over for Friday Flea Market. If you haven't seen it, we have a new website with new sign-up terms. Sure hope you'll stay with us. Blessings.. Polly