Monday, May 26, 2008

Dans le Jardin~

We had a wonderful Memorial Day today. I hope you did too. We are soo thankful to our servicemen and women and we truly honor them today. We are proud of our country and what they have sacrificed for us. We owe them dearly! The very least we can do is show them our love and gratitude.

As we celebrated Memorial Day with family, we spent time relaxing and just being together. I took a walk through my little garden and thought I'd share some with you. Boy, I really need to spend some time there weeding etc. but some of my blooms were so pretty I thought I'd post them for you to enjoy while you have your tea with me. It can be our small tribute to take the time to simply stop for a moment, pray and thank God for our soldiers past and present. We are especially thankful to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. They are our heroes.

With a grateful heart,


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