Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Introducing Give-away "Teas"day!"

We had soo much fun with our sample tea give-away that we decided we would have a give-away each week! Every Monday we will take all the comments for that week and randomly choose a winner. Every Tuesday ("teas"day) we will announce a winner and start all over again! This should be a lot of fun so tell your friends to stop by and comment too. The give-away starts now! It doesn't matter which post you comment on. Come and visit us over a cup of tea each week and you will find tea tips, recipes, newly arriving teas in the shop and more. We look forward to seeing you there!
We also just added our Tea of the month club to our etsy shop. Please click on our etsy store link on the left for more information. We are so excited to offer this service.

Also, I wanted to display some of Elaine's gorgeous fine china from her private collection. Here's another interesting tip from Elaine: the thinner the china, the more expensive and high quality it will be. That's a great tip for when you are antiquing.

With joy,



Anonymous said...

What gorgeous cups! And the tip is great! I'm going to have to run into the dining room and check out the tea cups that I inherited from my grandmother. (Not that price matters, just curious...)
Thanks again for the win and I'm going to have to link ya on my blog! LOVE this site!!!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Looking at these beautiful tea cups reminds me of my childhood...my grandmother, great aunts, all had cups and saucers like these -- no matching sets -- all individual. Made having tea when we visited such a party.

Anonymous said...

Hey you... Tea wonderful tea arrived! Thank you so much!
(A thanks goes out to you on my AEE blog, too.)