Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to the Ivy Leaf Tea Parlour

The charm of this 1940's tea shop is endless. I am starting with the outside view and will be giving you a detailed inside look on the next post. I will also show you the wide selection of teas and beautiful accessories in the shop. My favorite tea is French Creme Brulee'. I never run out of this tea. It is absolute heaven.

If you have never been to tea at the Ivy Leaf, you are missing a beautiful experience. It is a delightful, charming shop with a wonderful staff. They make you feel like you're an honored guest. Call a friend and invite her to tea. You will experience beautiful, relaxing music in a gorgeous setting with every attention to detail. They serve delicious teas, scones, croissant sandwiches and dainty desserts on china, lace and linen. Afterwards, browse the shop for all your tea impedimenta and unique thoughtful gift ideas. It will be an afternoon you will treasure each time you visit.

Until next time,


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Sarah said...

What lovely tea house. So relaxing to be able to go and have tea alone or with your mother and sister.